Founded in 2003, EIP manages an approximate $5.1 billion (as of December 31, 2023) portfolio of high quality, well-managed publicly traded energy infrastructure companies that own natural or legal monopolies operating under state and federal cost-of-service regulation or long-term contracts. EIP seeks a diversified portfolio of publicly listed non-cyclical power and pipeline utilities operating poles, wires, pipes and tanks that are the low-cost way of shipping the lowest cost energy, agnostic to asset class and index categorization.

This is how the partners at EIP manage their own capital. We care about total return, not benchmarks. We are very long-term investors. We care about multi-generational wealth transfer. We seek investors who understand our approach and are willing to invest alongside EIP partners.

Experienced Investment Team

Significant combined energy industry and investment experience.


Seeking companies with long-lived fixed assets providing essential services that have natural or regulated monopoly-like competitive advantages.


Seeking to limit exposure to commodity prices and variable margin businesses.

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