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Partnerships and Institutional Separately Managed Accounts

High Net Worth Individuals and Institutions are welcome to inquire about EIP’s vehicles which may be appropriate to their investing qualifications. As with all of EIP’s products, EIP focuses on long-term total return made up of dividend yield plus capital appreciation. Capital appreciation, in turn, is driven by per share growth plus or minus changes in valuation.

Principals and Employees of EIP have personal investments in the firm’s oldest private fund, Energy Infrastructure Income Fund, L.P. (EIIF), launched in October 2003. EIP also manages separately managed accounts on behalf of Institutions allocated alongside this strategy or with customizations unique to their desired experience.

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This is not an offer or sale of a particular security or private fund. Offers may only be made by private placement memorandums to investors that are qualified. Investors are encouraged to read the respective Fund’s offering documents for the terms and risks associated with investing in the Fund. Investors are also encouraged to read the Energy Income Partners, LLC’s (EIP) ADV Parts I and II for further information on EIP, including risks factors associated with the strategy. Fund and account terms may change at any time without notice to you unless you are an investor in that Strategy.

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