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Power lines during the day

Our decades of experience and cumulative knowledge have forged EIP into an elite team geared to successfully invest across energy infrastructure.

* There is no guarantee that EIP's investments will be successful.

Who We Are

“EIP’s origin grew out of inbound inquiries from clients wanting to invest alongside the principals.”

Jim Murchie, CEO, Energy Income Partners

The founding partners of EIP, on average, have more than 30 years of energy industry and capital markets experience. The years working at energy companies, long/short hedge funds, commodity trading, and buy-side and sell-side research, form the foundation for the firm’s knowledge of a range of asset classes, including commodities, equities, debt and derivatives, different investment strategies and global markets.

It was this rare combination of in-depth knowledge of both industry and capital markets that led the partners to invest in infrastructure where the return attributes were the most favorable: more stable earnings and higher dividend pay-out ratios. EIP invests where its skill set gives it an advantage.

We invest in energy infrastructure and have a track record spanning nearly two decades. We know where our expertise lies and we know what we don't know.

EIP engages extensively with management teams, policy makers, regulators, NGOs and industry associations, not just because it makes us better investors, but because we believe it is our responsibility to be part of the broader public policy debate affecting our industry.


Jim Murchie, Co-Founder, Co-Portfolio Manager and CEO

Jim Murchie

Co-Founder, Co-Portfolio Manager and CEO

Eva Pao, Principal, Co-Founder and Co-Portfolio Manager

Eva Pao

Principal, Co-Founder and Co-Portfolio Manager

John K. Tysseland, Principal and Co-Portfolio Manager

John K. Tysseland

Principal and Co-Portfolio Manager

Louis W. Lazzara, Senior Research Analyst

Louis W. Lazzara

Senior Research Analyst

Lisa Sacerdote, Senior Research Analyst

Lisa P. Sacerdote, CFA

Senior Research Analyst

Lisa Murchie, Research Analyst

Lisa Murchie

Research Analyst

Saul Ballesteros, Principal and Head of Trading Operations

Saul Ballesteros

Principal and Head of Trading Operations

Joe Tiberio, Manager of Operations

Joe Tiberio

Manager of Operations

Mate Rumora, Trading and Operations Specialist

Mate Rumora

Trading and Operations Specialist

Jon Ackerhalt, Business Development Director

Jon Ackerhalt

Business Development Director

Jayme Martino, Investor Relations / Marketing

Jayme Martino

Investor Relations / Marketing

Linda Longville, Partner Emeritus

Linda Longville

Partner Emeritus

Bruno Dos Santos, Bruno Dos Santos

Bruno Dos Santos, CPA, CFE

Chief Accounting Officer

Elizabeth Arkay-Leliever, Accounting Associate

Elizabeth Arkay-Leliever

Accounting Associate

Nandita Hogan, Chief Compliance Officer

Nandita Hogan

Chief Compliance Officer

Anna Merriss, Compliance Associate

Anna Merriss

Compliance Associate

Sarah O'Malley, Human Resources Manager

Sarah O’Malley

Human Resources Manager

Margaret-Green, Office Coordinator

Margaret Green

Office Coordinator

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We are a small firm that values people who act like owners.

We have high employee ownership participation and low turnover. Our collaborative in-office culture creates a family feel and promotes a healthy work-life balance.

We are diverse not because it’s popular or mandated but because it’s been part of our DNA since our founding in 2003.

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