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Jim Murchie – December 13, 2022

European Border Wall: Carbon Edition The European Union has finally settled on a border adjustment tax on carbon. The tax, known as the carbon border adjustment mechanism, would assess the carbon emissions caused by the manufacture of various products and add a tariff that multiplies those emissions times the price of carbon in the European[…]

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Jim Murchie – September 20, 2022

European Energy Policy Oxymoron: Free Market Regulation The new European Union (EU) windfall profits tax is a clumsy way of changing the electric markets in Europe from a free market where the high-cost producer (which today is gas-fired power generation) sets the price to a regulated market where the average cost sets the price. Read[…]

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European Energy Policy Oxymoron: Free Market Regulation

The European energy crisis has been a harsh lesson in Economics 101: commodity prices are set by the highest cost producers. Since natural gas is now the highest cost way of producing electricity, the electricity price has more than quintupled because the natural gas price has more than quintupled [source: Bloomberg]. Some articles have described[…]

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Eva Pao – January 24, 2022

EU proposal to add natural gas and nuclear to EU taxonomy for sustainable activities is a critical next step toward easing the strain of decarbonizing without enough backup energy resources.

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CLASSIFIED: The European Union is Poised to Classify Nuclear Power “Sustainable”

Is nuclear power clean or dirty, green or not green, sustainable or not sustainable? These distinctions matter in the European Union which has developed an elaborate system of categorization they call the “EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities.” The Encyclopedia Britannica defines taxonomy as the “the science of classification.” In Aristotle’s time earth, air, fire, and[…]

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