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Jim Murchie – November 13, 2023

Green Energy Investors See Red By now most investors have some inkling that all is not well for the stocks of clean and alternative energy producers.  While there are plenty of disappointing earnings reports and growth guidance, the equity values, taken as a whole, are down far more than the earnings.  What gives?

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Eva Pao – May 17, 2023

The incredibly influential proxy advisory firms Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and Glass Lewis provide institutional investors with vote recommendations regarding proxy voting proposals, traditionally in governance and executive compensation. Lately, they have veered into weighing in on ESG proposals where they seem to have adopted a decidedly political, less fact-based view in their recommendations. A[…]

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Eva Pao – February 4, 2023

People like to come up with stories to explain stock price performance. Good stories if the stock is up and bearish stories if the stock is down. One common story is to dig up and dust off an industry metric to explain valuation differences among similar companies. Reserve Life Index (“reserve life” or RLI) is the number of[…]

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Eva Pao – September 24, 2022

That 70’s Show Redux? As the potential for a rail strike heats up, there is also the nurses’ strike in Minnesota and the teachers’ strike in Seattle. We think this is a trend that is here to stay.

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Inflation Reduction Act is Really the Energy Expansion Act

Energy Income Parnters (EIP) and Arbo joined up to give context to the Energy Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, signed by President Biden on August 16.  This act incorporates many of the prior “Build Back Better” or BBB energy and climate provisions, but slightly less than half of those are simply[…]

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Eva Pao – February 8, 2022

German producer prices (PPI) rose 24.2% YoY in December 2021 driven by higher energy prices.

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