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Jim Murchie – December 15, 2022

Un-American Activities – Where is Senator Joe McCarthy When You Need Him? By now many have heard the comments made by Amos Hochstein, the U.S. State Department’s senior energy security adviser in an interview with the Financial Times: “I think that the idea that financiers would tell companies in the United States not to increase[…]

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Jim Murchie – December 13, 2022

European Border Wall: Carbon Edition The European Union has finally settled on a border adjustment tax on carbon. The tax, known as the carbon border adjustment mechanism, would assess the carbon emissions caused by the manufacture of various products and add a tariff that multiplies those emissions times the price of carbon in the European[…]

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Jim Murchie – September 20, 2022

European Energy Policy Oxymoron: Free Market Regulation The new European Union (EU) windfall profits tax is a clumsy way of changing the electric markets in Europe from a free market where the high-cost producer (which today is gas-fired power generation) sets the price to a regulated market where the average cost sets the price. Read[…]

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Jim Murchie – September 10, 2022

Abraham Lincoln’s Advice on the Energy Transition: True North For me, the pivotal scene in the movie “Lincoln” features the president (played by Daniel Day Lewis) pleading with the abolitionist congressman from Pennsylvania Thaddeus Stevens (played by Tommy Lee Jones) to tone down his zealous Radical Republican rhetoric in the upcoming House debate on the[…]

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Jim Murchie – August 11, 2022

While EPA’s authority to regulate CO2 was confirmed in the recent Supreme Court ruling in W. Virginia v EPA, the Court left the door open. The Wall St. Journal reported today that an early draft of the Inflation Reduction Act included language to close that door and affirm EPA authority over CO2. The Parliamentarian rejected[…]

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Eva Pao – August 8, 2022

This year, U.S. coal has seen a big boost in domestic and export demand. Unlike LNG which needs liquefaction and re-gas, coal exports have less friction.

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Eva Pao – July 17, 2022

IEA published their World Energy Investment Outlook. Surprisingly, upstream oil and gas investment for 2022 is essentially flat adjusted for inflation (nominal 10% growth in spend) which implies limited additional oil and gas world supplies in the near term.

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Eva Pao – February 8, 2022

German producer prices (PPI) rose 24.2% YoY in December 2021 driven by higher energy prices.

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