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Eva Pao – August 8, 2022

This year, U.S. coal has seen a big boost in domestic and export demand. Unlike LNG which needs liquefaction and re-gas, coal exports have less friction.

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Eva Pao – January 24, 2022

EU proposal to add natural gas and nuclear to EU taxonomy for sustainable activities is a critical next step toward easing the strain of decarbonizing without enough backup energy resources.

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A Spectator’s View on the Spike in Natural Gas Prices

There’s been a lot of media attention lately on the current global shortage of natural gas and steep price increases that have come with it.  The runup in U.S. and European natural gas prices is, of course, driven by supply and demand – simply put, there’s too much demand, and not enough supply. Exhibit 1[…]

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Recent events highlight the need for performance-based rate making

Our blog posts tend to cover timely news items and have been cited and used as sources for others.  We  wanted to highlight some of our recent mentions for our blog reader who are not on LinkedIn and also speak to our “behind the scenes” engagement focused on challenges facing today’s energy systems. Over the[…]

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Deep Dive: What is Carbon Capture Use & Sequestration (CCUS)

Carbon capture, use, and storage/sequestration (CCUS) is the catch-all term for a variety of methods and technologies that remove CO2 from the flue gas (exhaust) of power plants & other industrial processes or directly from the atmosphere (called direct air capture, or DAC).  The captured CO2 is then deposited into products like cement, that can[…]

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Infrastructure Bill – CCUS and the Path to Yes

Key Takeaways: Biden budget proposal would raise tax credits for carbon capture and sequestration (CCUS). Bipartisan efforts on an infrastructure and clean energy bill are gaining momentum with a tailwind of job preservation and creation. We think incentives for incumbent energy companies to capture and store greenhouse gas emissions are key to passing a bipartisan[…]

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California- A Grudging Nod to Reality on Natural Gas

California has been wrestling with a plan to shore up generating capacity in the wake of the August 2020 rolling blackouts, while sticking to its ambitious zero-carbon climate goals. Read our post about the California Blackouts. Key Takeaways: Clean energy must also be reliable and low cost. Natural gas provides both. California’s 10-year plan includes[…]

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Polar Vortex, Texas Style

Key Takeaways: Any large-scale failure of the energy system in the U.S. will result in public policy changes that incentivize more capital spending and that is good for the regulated gas and electric monopolies that grow earnings by growing their “rate base”, the investment base upon which they earn their allowed rates of return. This[…]

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California Blackouts Underscore the Need for Natural Gas to Facilitate Renewable Push

Key Takeaways: California’s electric grid operator was forced to implement rotating blackouts in August 2020 when a heat wave across the Western US caused demand to exceed supply which can permanently damage generating equipment. California’s aggressive purge of older natural gas power plants (11% of supply) left it reliant on imported electricity from neighboring states—which[…]

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