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CLASSIFIED: The European Union is Poised to Classify Nuclear Power “Sustainable”

Is nuclear power clean or dirty, green or not green, sustainable or not sustainable? These distinctions matter in the European Union which has developed an elaborate system of categorization they call the “EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities.” The Encyclopedia Britannica defines taxonomy as the “the science of classification.” In Aristotle’s time earth, air, fire, and[…]

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Why is Nuclear Power OK in France, But Not in the U.S.?

The two-week UN Climate Change Conference known as COP-26 kicks off in Glasgow on October 31, and the participating countries are releasing in advance their energy transition plans. A stand-out is France; proposing an electric system powered 80% nuclear (vs 70% now and 10% for the rest of the world) and the rest from renewables.[1][…]

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